Going Green with Eco-Friendly Makeup

Going Green with Eco-Friendly MakeupEco-friendly makeup products are not only better for our environment but can also be better for your health. These makeup products eliminate the use of certain chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Regular makeup products usually contain mercury, lead and petroleum. Exposure to these chemicals in your makeup can cause skin rash, headache and may be linked to cancer.

Eco-friendly products are free of these harmful chemicals and completely safe. All forms of makeup are available organically, including foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner and blush.

Five of the most popular eco-friendly makeup products from Saffron Rouge are:

  1. Organic Moisturizing Mascara,
  2. Dr. Hauschka Lip Gloss,
  3. Dr. Hauschka translucent makeup,
  4. Pure cream stain
  5. Eyeliner Duo.

Organic Moisturizing Mascara is a product created by NVEY Eco Cosmetics and is very popular right now. This product is enriched with vitamin B5, nettle, and Horsetail to condition and build the lashes to their full potential. Unlike messy wet mascara, this is a dry mascara formula.

It consists of algae extract that allows it to stick all day long and is easy to wash off with soap and water. This product from Saffron Rouge is also available in three different colors which makes it even more popular.

Dr. Hauschka Lip gloss is very well known and popular organic makeup. It was created by Dr. Hauschka and is available through Saffon Rouge. This lip gloss is known for its shine and creamy texture and lasts all day.

It is made from several ingredients including beeswax, apricot kernel oil and mango butter. These ingredients are known to help retain moisture in the lips and help fight chapped or dry lips.

Dr. Hauschka translucent makeup is healthy for your skin and creates a flawless look. It is a liquid foundation that hides discoloration of the skin, as well as blemishes and redness. This makeup has several ingredients including macadamia oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rose wax, and Shae butter.

This product also contains marsh mallow and carrot extracts for added smoothness. It does not contain artificial preservatives or chemicals.

Pure Cream StainAnother popular makeup item being sold right now is known as Pure Cream Stain. It is used to add shine and pigment to the lip and cheek area and is made of all natural ingredients. The ingredients in this mixture include rose wax, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and chamomile. It blends easily and is used on every skin type, which adds popularity to it. It is available in seven different shades.

The Eyeliner Duo, also created by Dr. Hauschka, is organic and mineral based. It is an eyeliner pencil that is known for highlighting and brightening the eye area. It has two separate ends; one end has a gray color to make the eyelashes appear thicker and the other end has a white color that is used to make the eyes shine when applied to the inner lashes.

The ingredients in this mixture contain black tea leaf extract, anthyllis, and witch hazel. This, like the rest of these makeup products, is great for both the environment and healthy for your skin.


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