Hypno-Birthing: A Holistic Alternative to Lamaze

My Experience with Painless Labor-Hynobirthing

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to have a water birth, a common method in Europe that was popular in the 70s. Unfortunately, there were no facilities that offered water birthing anywhere close to where I lived, so early on I realized I had to find an alternative method, as I had no desire to duplicate the fiasco so many couples have with Lamaze.

Painless Labor-Hynobirthing

My father and husband together came up with the idea: hypnobirthing! I was thrilled to find a hypnotherapist who lived ten minutes away. My husband came to classes with me, but we didn’t practice the breathing exercises together nor did he listen to the audio tape that I conscientiously turned on once a day during my ninth month.

I was apprehensive as my scheduled inducement date approached. We went for one last private session the day before d-day, during which my hypnotherapist put me into a relaxed state that had me walking on clouds for most of the next 24 hours. We went for a walk on the beach and I felt very much at peace and prepared to face the next day.

By the time my coach got to the hospital, I was already in labor. In response to her prompting I could immediately go into a very relaxed state during which I was well aware of what was happening, but remained incredibly relaxed and pain-free.

As the contractions became more pronounced I added visualization techniques to my breathing that carried me through the most painful stages. It took a lot of concentration but eighteen hours of labor were virtually pain-free. And not once did I want to yell at my husband, except maybe after the baby was born when he complained about how tired he was.


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