Top 3 Reasons to Go with Homemade Wind Turbines

Homemade Wind Turbines

Wind power has surged to the forefront of the rapidly growing green-energy market. The farmers’ best friend for generations, wind energy has become practical for homeowners, too. Now, going green both to save money and to save the planet, you can build your own wind turbine.

Homemade Wind Turbines

Your new wind turbine will yield three huge advantages…

Environmentally Friendly

Hydro-carbon emissions from power plants contribute significantly to urban air pollution and the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Generating your own electricity from wind power protects the environment and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

Reliable, sustainable, and infinitely renewable, wind power soothes your conscience while it relieves the strain on your wallet.

An Easy, Inexpensive Project

Building your own wind turbine only sounds expensive, complicated, sophisticated, high-tech, time-consuming, and suited best for characters with degrees from Cal-Tech and MIT.

Homemade Wind Turbines

Hundreds of websites show ingenious, easy-to-construct designs.

Most of these sites belong to satisfied turbine owners who feel eager to share their knowledge, breaking down their designs into step-by-step instructions simple enough even for the extreme technophobe.

No matter which design you select, however, you will need only five relatively common parts:

  • a generator
  • blades
  • a mounting that swivels to keep your blades turned to the wind
  • a tower to elevate the blades into the strongest breezes
  • batteries and an electric control system

A long morning at the swap meet and a long afternoon shopping the online auction sites should bring home the essentials for $200 to $250. A skilled bargain hunter probably can pay less, but the wind-wise have driven up the cost of recycled generators, and the bidding wars grow fierce.

While the blades turn, the meter spins backwards

Most homeowners use wind power to supplement their regular power supply; very few disconnect entirely from the grid. If your wind turbine becomes your primary power supply, though, it can reduce your energy bills by as much as 90%.

Under ideal conditions, your wind-turbine will generate more electricity than you can use or your batteries can store. At that point, you become an energy producer instead of a consumer.

Congress recently passed legislation requiring local utilities to purchase consumers’ excess power at the prevailing rate. When your electric meter begins turning backwards, you start earning money.

This is really the biggest reason to go with a wind turbine at home, you save money on your electric bill and can even make money if you produce enough excess electricity. What are you waiting for?


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